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Put an end to 1000 Excel charts, notepads and digital little helper. Here you have all the data under one (single) roof: players, training sessions, efficiency tests, events, matches, videos, invitations and (talent) scouting.

well-structured - easy to use - compliant with data privacy


proSports.zone is the first choice for professional an efficiency-oriented sports clubs, youth acadamies and sports associations

Next-level youth training

Modern and successful youth development requires current training methods, clear plans and goals, and innovative tools to support coaches and youth leaders. The aim and expectation are to provide the best possible individual training and development for all players and athletes.

The fact is: You don't have to do it alone! For those who want to organize, plan, and analyze their youth development more efficiently, proSports.Zone is your digital assistant on the team.

Developed by trainers for trainers

With proSports.Zone, you have a reliable partner by your side!
Designed and developed by coaches and sports directors from various performance levels, our solution provides everything that modern (youth) coaches need today, whether in elite sports or grassroots sports.

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Let's explore together how we can leverage the benefits of proSports.Zone in your club, academy, and teams.

You have these advantages with proSports.zone

proSports.Zone is the solution that covers all aspects of modern and efficient match, training and team planning, as well as video and efficiency analysis.

One place for all data

No more countless lists and index cards! Here you have all data centrally available.

Ease of use

We know that software is only used when it’s fun to work with.

Neat statistics

So you can easily keep an eye on the development of your players and teams.


We support you in the processing of personal data in compliance with data protection.

Rights and roles

You can create admistrators, coaches, scouts and players with different rights.

100% digital & cloud-based

We take care of the safe storage of your data in a high-performance data center in Germany.

Only one tool instead of countless isolated applications

  • player and team data

    In this area you can collect all relevant data of your players and combine them into teams or training groups.

  • training and match management

    Plan trainings, performance tests, tournaments and of course matches and determine the team line-up.

  • Training database

    Build up your exercise database, use exercises from colleagues and link the exercises with your training sessions.

  • Invitation management

    For each event, you can invite the participants (and optionally assigned coaches, parents, teachers, etc.) by email and send them all relevant information.

  • video database

    Here you can manage your video files. Set keywords, comments and ratings, mark players and events.

  • scouting module

    With the scouting module, you can plan the squad for the next few years. Here, you have access to comprehensive scouting forms, player comparisons, and graphical tools for squad selection.

Ein Tool für alle Trainer

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Get the professional solution that offers you a 360° view of the development of your players!