Video database at proSports.Zone: Your online storage for all videos

Link your videos from the analysis of training sessions, matches, and competitions with athletes, teams, or schedules. Set keywords, rate the scenes, and access the complete video archive of your athletes and teams anytime.


A central storage for all videos

With the video database from proSports.Zone, you can organize your team's videos in a central database. The filter options make it easy to find the video scenes you need at any given moment. And you have online access to the video database anytime, anywhere, even on the field.


Link videos to players and events

You can link videos to the involved players as well as the training or match in which they were recorded. The videos are instantly available in the video lists of tagged players and the associated event.

All scenes exactly where you need them!

Video analysis and ratings for enhanced training success

With the video database from proSports.Zone, you have diverse options to evaluate and tag videos. Save important data such as match systems, age groups, or skill levels. Write detailed video analyses to enhance your training.


Link videos to training exercises and tasks

Make use of your videos for player training.
Link videos from the video database to your training exercises and sessions, using the scenes for direct illustration on the field.

Videos can also be linked to tasks, serving as training guides or for individual video analysis for players.


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!