An app specifically designed for athletes and players.

We have developed an app specifically for team sports players and athletes, offering all the essential features: information, interaction, and communication. Our goal is to create a sleek, smart, and user-friendly app that allows your athletes to easily understand and utilize its functionalities. We have focused on including only the necessary features, ensuring they are implemented to the highest standards. This approach ensures that your athletes can navigate the app effortlessly and make the most of its capabilities.


Managing events – Much more than just a calendar

Let's be honest, the topic of "events" is usually unremarkable. Training sessions typically occur regularly and at the same sports venues. However, organizing them takes up a lot of time. There are several apps on the market that aim to simplify event organization for coaches.

To further alleviate the burden of event organization for the coaching team, we have incorporated our extensive experience from practical club operations.

All team members receive upcoming event appointments and times on their smartphones through the app. They can accept or decline the invitation. If declined, the reason for absence is requested.
Additionally, the location of the event, usually the sports venue, is precisely displayed using Google Maps.
Furthermore, the app provides weather conditions for the past 5 days leading up to the event. These data can help assess field conditions, hopefully reducing the need for inquiries about bringing a raincoat.


Tasks – From to-do lists to distance learning

You can find more detailed information about the extensive capabilities of the Task Manager and what coaches can do with it here.

With the app, we make it easy for your athletes and players to access their tasks, view them, complete them, and provide feedback to the coaching team.

And all of this is incredibly simple and easy!
Videos can be played directly within the app, images are displayed, and even files such as PDFs can be included. Additionally, tasks can be commented on and discussed.

With these capabilities, much more can be accomplished than just "washing jerseys" or "bringing water."


Individual coaching opportunities alongside training

With the features in the Task Manager, you can provide your athletes and players with additional individual training sessions or personal video analysis. This is ideal not only for rehabilitation purposes but also for keeping active individuals fit during vacations.

The Task Manager offers you the opportunity for even better individual development and creates real added value in youth training and player retention. And it's tailored to the lifestyle of your athletes and players!


Stay informed with push notifications

No more excuses for not receiving important information! Everyone on the team receives push notifications on their smartphones for all new events, changes to events, and new tasks.


Seeking feedback? Automatically collect training intensity and enjoyment ratings

Feedback is essential for coaches as well. What better way than to regularly request feedback from your athletes and players regarding the completed training sessions? This provides the coaching team with valuable information to refine training plans and better manage training load.

With the app, you automatically collect feedback from your athletes and players and receive meaningful statistics. It allows for data-driven planning instead of relying solely on intuition.


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!