From the youth department to a successful talent factory

With proSports.Zone, youth departments from amateur to professional sports have a central platform with all the essential tools. From team planning to the individual athletic development of coaches and athletes. Less administration, more efficiency, transparency, and success. From grassroots to high-performance sports.


Keeping an eye on youth development

With proSports.Zone, you bring the youth department into a central database: players, coaches, and all members of the functional teams.

All (and I mean all!) data is stored in one central location. And it's not just stored, it's easily searchable, filterable, and sortable. Statistics, evaluations, and rankings are also included, of course.

Access to the data is securely protected, and through different permissions and roles, you can precisely control who can view or edit which data.

For all those responsible in the youth department, work becomes easier, more effective, and safer.


Optimal planning of teams and squads

Once all athletes are registered in proSports.Zone, team planning becomes a breeze!

Instead of dealing with confusing Excel spreadsheets and copy-pasting, teams and training groups can be created and activated with just a few clicks.

All important information about the players and athletes, such as contact details, addresses, or parent information, is immediately available to the coaching team.

With this platform, organizing teams in youth development becomes finally easy.


Progressive and targeted training in the youth department

Effective youth development is the foundation of success. The quality of training young players and athletes is not solely measured by league standings and victories but also by age-appropriate and individual development.

With proSports.Zone, we make it easier for youth directors to establish and develop a clear concept with plans and goals for different age groups and performance levels within the club.

We bring together a range of tools that simplify and enhance the training process. Through easy application and facilitation in training, coaches choose proSports.Zone.


Monitoring performance development and training content

We make the training and performance development of all players in all teams within the club visible. In practice, it is impossible for youth directors and coordinators to be present in all teams at all times.

With proSports.Zone, your club has a professional all-in-one solution that allows the youth management to access the data of all teams at any time. All data is readily available, whether it's training attendance, current training focuses and plans, match and competition data, or performance evaluations.


Data and statistics instead of gut feelings and subjective assessments

Let's be honest, many decisions often rely solely on the subjective opinion of the coach.

With proSports.Zone, the evaluation of players and athletes becomes more transparent and objective. The rating and assessment features allow coaches to assess in a more impartial and less subjective manner.

By combining the collected data with personal impressions, better decisions can be made for the development of players and athletes in the youth department.


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!