From youth to professional - successful training is plannable

With proSports.Zone, the work of the sports management becomes finally easier. Because with the platform, you create a unified foundation for the entire training and development in the youth department. Plannable, measurable, and transparent. For more success across all levels!


The digital assistant for sports management

As sports management, it's challenging to keep track of all teams and their training. Particularly, assessing the athletic development of players, training focuses, and performance levels can be difficult because it's not always possible for the sports manager to be present on the field.

With proSports.Zone, sports managers have all the data in one platform, providing them with instant access to all personal and athletic information. Conveniently from their desks, they can sort, filter, and compare all the data.


Statistics and training levels from all teams

With proSports.Zone, sports management in the club has many tools available to control training and development in a targeted and sustainable manner. It allows defining training priorities and criteria for performance evaluation within the club. This makes training and coaching work traceable and more objectively measurable and evaluated through statistics.


Uniform criteria for objectively measurable achievements

Uniform criteria for objectively measurable achievements The assessment of athletic performance of players often relies solely on the personal judgment or perception of the coach. Statements like "He/She is really good!" are then subjective evaluations that can influence decisions such as being selected for higher-level teams.

With proSports.Zone, sports management can provide criteria for performance evaluation, allowing coaches to assess individual performance in matches and training more precisely and targeted. Criteria such as technique, effort, tactics, dribbling, or "1 vs. 1" can be evaluated, resulting in a more meaningful assessment than just saying "He/She is good!".


More efficient and straightforward conversations through facts instead of gut feelings

Conversations with coaches, players, and parents of young athletes are an essential part of the work of sports management. These conversations are not always easy. Players or parents may be dissatisfied with playing time, development and support, position in the team, or similar issues. Much of what is discussed in these conversations is based solely on a feeling. It's difficult to have constructive discussions based on subjective perceptions.

With proSports.Zone, we bring conversations back to a factual level! We provide all relevant data about the players, from playing time to individual performance metrics, and make them comparable within the team. The conversations become shorter, more objective, and solution-oriented. The stress factor decreases!


Supporting and guiding young trainers

Attracting young trainers to the club is one of the most important tasks for sports management. In youth development, these trainers are often parents, former or current players who want to support and take their first steps as coaches.

With proSports.Zone, you provide trainers with a tool that supports and relieves them in their new role, allowing them to focus on their main task: player development.

With the training exercise database, young trainers can access a pool of training exercises that are suitable for specific age groups and current training focuses. These exercises can be easily integrated into their training sessions.

Sports management can also assist in planning training sessions with or for young trainers, helping them select appropriate exercises, time blocks, and coaching strategies.


A targeted training concept for the entire youth development

In youth development, the focus is on the fun of sports and physical activity for children and teenagers. However, achieving sporting goals is also important. The young athletes should ideally remain active in the club until adulthood and then support the first teams, preferably in higher leagues.

To achieve the sporting goals in the club and for individual athletes, a clear training plan for youth development is necessary. Many clubs have a youth development concept in place.

With proSports.Zone, these goals can be defined and achieved in a planned and measurable manner. With all the tools available to coaches and sports management, individual, targeted, and successful training in youth development becomes possible.


There's even more.

A platform with all data

No data loss during transitions

Easy team and squad planning

Location advantage: development

Transparency and clarity

All together instead of everyone for themselves

What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

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