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No more notes! No paperwork!
Put an end to repetitive inquiries via WhatsApp & Co!


As a coach, you organize your team and training sessions more efficiently and easily with proSports.Zone. This way, you can focus more on your sports-related tasks and goals.

With proSports.Zone, you can organize your teams and athletes even better. Events, tasks, and communication—everything is done through the app.

And regardless of whether you're a coach, player/athlete, or parent, everyone can download the proSports.Zone app on their smartphone and have access to all the important information.


All upcoming trainings, matches, competitions, and events at a glance.


Acceptances and declines

Planning trainings and matches becomes easier when you know how many participants to expect. For all events, you can accept or decline via the app. This allows the coaching team to plan perfectly.



Teaser for feature 3: You have all the tasks you need to complete clearly on your smartphone. You can view tasks in detail, watch task videos directly, and once you have completed a task, send a response to the coaching team with an image or video.


Push notifications

Stay up-to-date by receiving information about new events, tasks, or news via push notifications on your smartphone.


Chat & Messenger (coming soon)

Forget about WhatsApp and others! With our new feature, you can chat with your team or coach in real-time directly through the app.


Light or dark?

Customize the app according to your taste and choose between a light and a dark theme.


Depending on the user, the app offers additional and different features.

App for players/athletes

Your active athletes can be asked for feedback through the app after each training session, and it's completely automated.

The athletes will receive a push notification some time after the training, prompting them to indicate how demanding or strenuous the training was for them personally and to rate the fun factor. This feedback is ideal for your future training planning and workload management.


Parent App

The app also has a parent mode! They will have access to all their children's data, can accept or decline events, view tasks, and complete them together with their child, etc.


App for coaches

Team status

For every event, you can see the team status, i.e., who has accepted or declined, who has not responded yet, or where participation is still uncertain. As a coach, you can better plan your training and select the appropriate training formats.

Attendance tracking

Capture the participants' attendance directly on the field! Easily and quickly done with the app. Ideal for cleanly documenting training attendance.

Training plan

With the app, you can also access your training plan for each session, including all data, files, images, and videos. No need for printing, everything is interactive right on the field!

Training exercise database

Sometimes you need to deviate from your training plan or improvise during a session. If you quickly need an exercise or match form, you always have the training exercise database with you!


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!