Plan the training for your team easily online

Access training exercises from the online database, upload your own exercises, and link your own or YouTube videos.


Training ideas from your training database

With proSports.Zone, you have access to a modern training database. Save your training exercises here or access shared training exercises from other coaches.

A central place for all exercises. Easily searchable and always accessible with online access when you need exercises.
The filtering options make it easy for you to find the right training exercises for your current focus, training goals, and age groups.

Complete your training planning faster and much easier than before. Simply link your exercises to your training parts, supplement them with additional information, images, or videos. Easy and flexible like never before.

Training focuses for perfect training planning

We assist you in planning and implementing your training goals and training cycles. Set the focuses for all your trainings. With proSports.Zone, you always have the statistics and overviews of the topics and focuses you have trained and how often.


Link videos, files, images... to your training. Better than any printout!

Going digital offers more possibilities! With the digital training plan from proSports.Zone, you have more options to achieve your training goals faster. And all without additional technology, everything within your app or tablet.

Play videos directly, show images or animations, and help your players quickly understand what you want to achieve!


Your digital training plan always with you. Even on the field!

The era of paper and printouts is over!
With proSports.Zone, you and your coaching team have the entire training session with all training exercises digitally available. Through the app on your smartphone or tablet. Including video player and images - for better visualization.


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!