360° view of your athletes - For performance-oriented development

More real data, less gut feeling. Take the development of your players and athletes to a higher level.


A Platform Where All Data Converges

With proSports.Zone, all information converges in a central database. Whether it's sports-related or personal data, competition results, videos, or performance evaluations, you store everything in the "digital file" of your athletes. Integration with various tracking systems is also in progress. This provides you with a comprehensive overview and allows you to identify trends.


In-depth insights into your players.

Gain a comprehensive 360° view of your athletes. Store all essential personal data, including information about parents, schools, and physical attributes. Capture all athletic performance data, from performance tests to playing time and individual training evaluations. Dive deep into the data and analysis using smart filtering options.


Plan, analyze, and control individual athletic development.

Utilize the extensive data available through proSports.Zone to further enhance the athletic development of your players. With various analysis and evaluation functions, it becomes easier to identify strengths and weaknesses, objectively assess technical and tactical skills, and thus, effectively steer training and individual progress.


Elevate your players to a higher level.

Make each individual better, and your team will improve too! Individual training and personal coaching are now common expectations from athletes and parents towards coaches, as they hold the key to team success.

With proSports.Zone, you have a digital assistant in your team that supports you in the individual development of your players and athletes. Data-driven decisions lead to achieving your goals.


Build trusting relationships with your players.

Only through trust can excellence emerge!

Build this trust through genuine interest and individual appreciation. With targeted coaching, personalized communication, and individual training stimuli, you accompany your players. This way, trust can grow, knowing that you make them better and value them.

The digital athlete file - All data everywhere

A central place for all data of your players or athletes. Digitize your players, manage their athletic development, gain important insights for training and growth. With proSports.Zone, you have everything always available.

Also keep an eye on the environment in youth development

Capture all important data of your young athletes centrally and accessible at any time. With proSports.Zone, you also have immediate access to the parents' data and can manage the schools...

Strengths/Weaknesses profile and individual performance evaluations

Evaluate your athletes more objectively and specifically, create personal strengths and weaknesses profiles, and steer their development in a targeted and individual manner. For successful and improved athletes.

Complete athletic development

Document the athletic education and development centrally in proSports.Zone. Make the progress and achievements measurable and visible. Derive training and development plans from the experiences.

Control individual intensity

Effectively prevent injuries and bring your athletes in their best form for competitions. Intensity management is easy with proSports.Zone. With clear diagrams, you have all key figures in view.

No paper, no forgetting!

Digital is better! With proSports.Zone, you have all the features you need as a youth coach for the best possible training of your players or athletes, always at hand. On the web and through the app, with search and filter functions.

What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!