From contracts to performance development: keep an eye on your athletes!

With the tailored solution from proSports.Zone, football schools, academies, and private trainers have all the necessary features in one tool. With less administrative work, you have more time for the development of your athletes. Because from contract management to performance diagnostics, all functions are on board.


The platform for academies and service providers

Private trainers, academies, and football schools complement the work of clubs. In order to fulfill the dream of becoming a successful player or professional athlete, parents want to provide their children with optimal conditions and individual support for their hobby.

With proSports.Zone, we support you and your business in meeting these high expectations. With us, you can reduce administrative tasks and create more time for the individual care of your clients.

Optimize team planning

Reduce the organizational effort for your academy. With proSports.Zone, you can plan teams in no time! You have an overview of which trainers and players are active where and can schedule training sessions. We also make evaluation very easy for you. Through the central platform, you always have access to evaluations of training sessions in each team and location. From training participation to individual assessments, everything is conveniently available on the screen, no matter where you are.


Individual performance development with a system

Individual performance development with a system The individual training and development of players is the main task of schools and academies. Those who book individual training or training in small groups want to improve.

With proSports.Zone, your academy has a partner by its side to achieve these goals in a transparent and measurable way! From individually created strengths-weaknesses profiles to performance criteria and evaluation options, all the way to analysis and individual statistics.

With us, development becomes predictable, measurable, and visible.


Achieve even more with the task manager

Support your players comprehensively, even between training sessions. With the task manager, you have a powerful tool to easily plan, guide, and evaluate individual training and tasks. You provide real added value for your customers, retain them in the long term, and differentiate yourself from the competition!


Manage contracts and performance packages easily

For schools and service providers, we have integrated the ideal management solution into proSports.Zone with the contract manager. Create different packages and rates for your customers. You have a clear overview of all contract data. And you will never miss a contract renewal again because the contract manager reminds you of expiring contracts.


Who has access to what?

Not everyone should have access to all data and information. With the system of rights and roles, you create security in your organization. In the standard setting, trainers only have access to the data of the players they are responsible for. And these rights can be individually adjusted so that everyone can only see the data they are supposed to see. Especially sensitive business data such as revenue and contract information are only visible to a selected group.


Manage locations and camps easily

The academy has multiple locations and camps, and you work with on-site trainers? Managing it all becomes easy with proSports.Zone! You can centrally manage all locations, plan teams, create training sessions, and even provide content. All locations can access the central data in the exercise and video database. This makes it easier for on-site trainers to work, allowing them to focus entirely on the training and development of players. You ensure success without having to be constantly present.


The all-in-one solution for more success

Let your academy grow and become more successful! With proSports.Zone, you can reduce organizational efforts, involve your trainers and players at all locations, and achieve targeted success.

You have all the tools and features on board, from the app to the video database. We create space for you to have more time with your students.

What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!