Your assistant in the coaching team for enhanced performance

As a coach, your goal is to provide the best possible and individual training for the players or athletes entrusted to you. Your expertise and dedication as a coach are crucial. With proSports.Zone, you bring in reinforcements. The software supports you and your team in development and training.


Your assistant in the coaching team for enhanced performance

As a coach, you face increasingly diverse, complex, and demanding expectations. In order for you to meet these expectations and achieve your athletic goals, proSports.Zone is here to support you as your digital assistant coach!

Making successful training programs predictable, measurable, and visible

Young players have the same goals and expectations as their coaches: to excel in their sport and have fun and success. They require individual guidance and personal coaching.

With proSports.Zone, we provide you with a platform that optimally supports you in the training and development of your players. Your training work becomes more predictable and targeted. Thanks to the evaluation and performance criteria, the results of your training become measurable. Comprehensive analysis and statistics make them visible and understandable.

Your benefits: You can train with a more targeted and individual approach in smaller groups, resulting in better, more high-performing players.


Statistics and evaluations instead of gut feeling

With proSports.Zone, you have your digital assistant coach who provides you with extensive data and statistics. You receive detailed evaluations of your players, such as a strengths-weaknesses profile, as well as training and match data.

This data helps you:

  • Better plan and achieve your training goals
  • Objectively assess your players and develop them individually
  • Substantiate and objectify conversations with players and parents
  • Faster organization of schedules


Faster organization of schedules

As a coach, you have various responsibilities, both on and off the field. Preparing for training sessions, matches, competitions, and other events is one of the tasks that needs to be done repeatedly. Sometimes, the time spent on these tasks exceeds that spent on actual training.

This is where proSports.Zone can help!
With our schedule manager, you can easily create different types of events. Regular events can be set up as series, including training times, locations, and participants. All participants are notified via push notifications on their smartphones about new events and can respond with their attendance through the app. Knowing the exact number of participants in advance makes training planning easier.


Finally, all your players' data is interconnected and always accessible.

Achieve more with less effort.

With proSports.Zone, you get strong support for your coaching team.

  • Organize teams and schedules faster.

  • Experience modern training planning like never before.

  • Simplify collaboration within the coaching team.

  • Make better decisions thanks to a large database.

  • Achieve more successful training and performance development with plans and goals.


We bring even more to the table!

Training database

Intensity management

Training content

Simplify training planning

Plan your training sessions effortlessly with proSports.Zone. Collect your training exercises in the exercise database or choose from the existing pool of exercises. Link them to the respective training components. You can even include videos or images. The training planner is incredibly flexible.
Then take your training session directly onto the field using your smartphone or tablet. You can play the videos and explain with the images right on the field, making the sessions even more effective.


Top-notch match preparation

Prepare your team for the next match with proSports.Zone! From squad planning to your own match system and extensive analysis of the opponent, everything is possible. You can even incorporate video sequences. We offer the appropriate functions for all age groups and performance levels.


All-in-one tool

With proSports.Zone, coaches have all the tools and features for the best possible training and development work in one software. And most importantly, all the data comes together in one central location! They are searchable, filterable, comparable, and analyzable. Finally, a complete sporting picture emerges, providing a 360° view of the players.


Get feedback from your players

Young players want to be involved and active participants. This is a challenge and an opportunity for coaches. An open dialogue creates motivation and trust.

With proSports.Zone, we want to support coaches in this aspect! Players can provide feedback after each training session through the app, indicating how challenging they found the training or how much fun they had.

As a coach, you receive meaningful statistics and overviews from proSports.Zone. This provides you with a realistic view for planning the training intensity. And of course, fun should not be overlooked in sports. When training is enjoyable, participation rates are high. So, actively involve your players and benefit from their feedback!


From trainer to coach to developer!

Old-school coaches who simply set up exercises and run players through them are no longer sufficient. Young players today expect a coach they can trust, someone who develops them individually and purposefully.

With proSports.Zone, you have your digital assistant coach in your team, supporting you in your training work or, better yet, player development. It helps you become even better, more individualized, and more successful.


What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!