Team management at its best for sports clubs and teams.

Plan, organize, analyze, and develop all your teams easier, more efficiently, and smarter.


Your digital team manager

Organizing teams and training groups takes up a lot of time. Time that you can certainly use more effectively!

With the team management from proSports.Zone, you can save yourself paper and pen, countless WhatsApp messages, and more. You can plan, organize, and train smarter, faster, and better.


Full Flexibility: Teams for all requirements.

With team management at proSports.Zone, you can create teams and squads as needed. All coaches and athletes can be active in as many teams and squads as desired. For example, organize goalkeeper or rehabilitation training in separate teams.

Share All Data Together. Anywhere.

With proSports.Zone, all data is stored centrally in a cloud database. The advantage: you can access it anytime, anywhere. And not just you. The entire coaching team, for example, has access to the current training schedules and plans for the upcoming session. Ideal for situations when coaches are unavailable at short notice.


Stay Connected with Your Team!

Communication is the key to a good team culture. With the app from proSports.Zone, you can reach all team members. And they can reach you.

For example, get feedback from your players after each training session. How did they perceive the intensity? Did they enjoy it? The app automatically asks for feedback.


Show the performance and development of the team.

In youth sports, the focus is on the individual training and development of young athletes. match days or competitions serve as small performance assessments but are not the sole measure of training.

With proSports.Zone, you can make the actual performance and development of your team visible and assessable for all players individually. By utilizing various rating options for players and the team, you can objectively evaluate individual strengths and weaknesses in technical and tactical aspects of training.

Through different evaluations and statistics, you gain a realistic picture of the team and make individual development and training successes visible.


Achieve the goals

Coaches in youth sports are evaluated based on how well they train and develop their players. Whether in the elite level, a youth development center, or a community sports club, the goal is to provide the best possible individual training for young athletes. That's why the kids participate in sports; they also aim to become good athletes.

With proSports.Zone, we help you achieve these goals: team success as a result of effective individual training for all athletes.


Overview of Some Features

Teams & Squads

Whether it's teams in competitive sports or specialized training groups, you have freedom and flexibility in your planning.

Team Roster at a Glance

You have your team at a glance on the team dashboard! All important information is readily available and applicable.

Efficient Schedule Planning

Organize your team in a smarter way! Create all events with just a few clicks. Your team receives all important information immediately on the app, including Google Maps and weather data.

Training, Competition & match

Plan the training, including training exercises and videos, directly in the schedule. Manage match preparation from squad selection and tactics to opponent scouting like the professionals.

Evaluation, Analysis, Improvement

Evaluate players and athletes based on your criteria after training and matches. Use comprehensive statistics to assess performance and make improvements in training.

Custom Mobile App

The app for Android and iOS makes communication with coaches, athletes, and parents easier for you.

What are you waiting for? Use real data instead of gut feeling!

Start now with proSports.Zone and digitalize your sport. Take the development of your athletes to the next level!