New player dashboard online

New player dashboard online

The new player dashboard is now online with the latest update on proSports.Zone! Our aim is to provide coaches and sports management teams with digital player files and a complete overview of players to enable a more detailed, more objective and comprehensive assessment.

The player dashboard provides important key figures

The dashboard is the HOMEPAGE of each digital player file.
And this is where important key figures and data will be displayed in a way that is clear and easy to understand. The data is based on training sessions and matches. We process this data in a clear and understandable way.

A players statistics are compared with those of the rest of the players team. So you can immediately see if the players performance in a match is above the teams average, average or below the teams average. In short: You can see whether the player is likely to be a high performer or not.

Training statistics at a glance

A quick look at training participation and training performance. Is the player often absent from training? If yes, why?

With proSports.Zone you can evaluate all participants in 4 criteria after each training session. We evaluate data for all training sessions throughout the season and calculate the players performance rating accordingly. Both as an overall average and in all individual aspects. And all data is also compared with the average ratings of the team. Find your performers!

Player performances in competitive and friendly matches

Up-to-date performance data from games can now also be easily found on the player dashboard. Whether it be the players total playing time in a season, his scoring points or the average rating in individual aspects. All data is immediately available, easy to understand and helps to plan for the next games and training sessions (including individual training), and can be used for discussions with the player or with the players parents.

Workload from training and matches as a basis for monitoring workload

To reduce the risk of injury and to provide the best possible performance in important matches, the workload of each player must be monitored. Again, better to go with data than a gut feeling! Each training session can be given an intensity value in proSports. Our system then calculates the workload per day and shows you how high a players workload has been in recent weeks in diagrams and graphs. This means you can adjust the training and its workload more precisely, and allow recovery time and breaks if necessary. Monitoring workload is an essential component for long-lasting maximum performance!

The player dashboard - a quick overview

The player dashboard offers you, as a trainer or sports coach, a quick overview and is an introduction to the digital player file on proSports.Zone. In these digital player files, all data and information on each player throughout their entire career is collected, from childrens and youth teams to active players.

This makes your training work easier, because all data is there, whether it be the contact details of the parents or the training and performance data of the player: You will have everything on your mobile phone or tablet at your fingertips and you can train each player more specifically according to their skills and development needs. For even more and even better players! proSports.Zone!

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