Team management with proSports software

Team management in proSports.Zone is very simple, yet highly flexible, comprehensive and professional!

In proSports.Zone the athlete is the center of attention. So, you don't need a team first, in which you then create the players, but create all players and coaches without a team.

Each player and coach can be part of as many teams as you want. Whereby we define the term "team" on proSports.Zone rather broadly. Here we mean not only the teams that play matches, but also e.g., training groups for goalkeepers or the development training groups.
So, you are completely free and flexible, what you want to call a team and what you want to create as a team.

The team management in detail


The "home page" of the team. You can find some important information (e.g., the next birthdays), some statistics of the team and also the workload overview of the team directly here.


You can assign as many players as you want to each team in the team management. As written, a player can be in different teams. Nevertheless, the player is created only once in the system.

Everything that this team has in terms of appointments or anything else is also stored on the player and can be accessed on his player profile.


You can assign as many coaches or people from the functional team to each team as you want.


This function does not need to be explained further: You have all dates of the team in one overview.

But: At proSports.Zone you have the choice of currently 5 different date options:

  • Event
  • Trip
  • Training
  • Match (mandatory or friendly, away and home)
  • Performance tests

The appropriate data is linked to each individual appointment. This means that you can select the desired test for performance tests and the appropriate exercises for training sessions.

And for each appointment, you can freely select the participants from the team's pool of players.


The video module is of course also available in the team management. Here you will find all the videos that you have assigned to the dates and / or the players or coaches of the team. In the video you can rate good or bad actions, tag individual players and leave your comments. You can play all videos directly in the browser, so this feature is great for preparing for a game, in training for better explanation or for the follow-up of games in the team meeting.


Writing down and saving is better than remembering. Under Notes you have the space as a trainer to write down and save important, necessary, amusing things.


Of course, as a coach you can also delegate the tasks that arise around a team. Whether washing jerseys, getting drinks for the next game or extra training sessions: In the item Tasks you have everything at a glance. Who has to do what by when and what is the status of the task?

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